Field Marshal deck using only standard and limited cards

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Main nation : Britain

Support nation : USA

Cost : 516  

Patch version : Imperial decree nerf

Last update : 2020-01-15 by Spooz_Twitch

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The key to win with this deck is to keep as many units as possible in the frontline. That is your main goal! Since this deck runs only infantry units it is very weak to bombers and artillery. Therefore you have to secure to have units in the frontline. 

A good use of your UNITY IS STRENGTH is the second key to win with this deck!

If you have any questions you can just leave a comment here or at the youtube video.


dmedro - 2020-04-24

Is it still viable?


weissenwulf - 2020-04-30

Hard to recommend this deck.  Just far too weak against anything but other infantry/tanks. 

Devant - 2020-05-15

That's an extremely bad deck on the current meta. Too slow to win against aggro, too costly to deploy before the enemy has a line of artilery, and has no solutions for most win conditions. I gave it a try at 0-6 before deleting it. Most certainly not recomended.

Hypersion - 2020-05-25

This is a great deck just got my first field marshal.  Thanks

CiaoBella - 2020-06-16
Not a single win so far
jjs13 - 2021-01-08
This deck got me to FM twice. Under the current Season 22 Meta I can barely win 2 in a row. With all the new cards this deck is just too slow to be effective.
Bert - 2021-01-15
Unviable : too slow, too clunky.

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