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Field Marshal deck using only standard and limited cards

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Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Japan

Cost : 564  

Patch version : Imperial decree nerf

Last update : 2020-01-14 by Spooz_Twitch

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Try to find your 34th INFANTRY REGIMENT and PANZER (35t) on mulligan. Never keep AIR BLITZ in starting hand!

With this deck you have to maybe trade more than with the Japan aggro deck since it has no card to draw with. So spend your resources wisely.

Remember that JOINT OPERATION can also hit face!

If you have any questions you can just leave a comment here or at the youtube video.


Bubbles - 2020-01-26

Got fm using it, thx for the decklist 

Fast Heinz Ketchup - 2020-02-02

No clue how anyone got FM with this deck. Gets absolutely shit on for me. 1 and 5 winrate?

TaserDonut - 2020-02-02

Remember that meta is like stock market, it always changes. And apparently at some point it crashed

Fast Heinz Ketchup - 2020-02-03

Haha! Amen to that. This season is srating out so odd. I'm having a lot of issues with my decks that cruised to FM last season.

neizvesten10 - 2020-03-10

Even with half of the cards was easy and fun to reach my first FM but after get FM on 3 more factions with others low budget decks from you and get rank 24 + it's became total nightmare to score even 1 victory :D but till FM it's maybe best and fun deck out there . 

Taurophylax - 2020-04-08

Please update this deck, it's almost good but I can only maintain General. Swapped out 2 C-Arms for a couple more cheap panzers, helps but not enough. I feel like the X2 could be replaced with something better since this is a tank dominant deck. 

Taurophylax - 2020-04-08

*panzer 2, not X2 (lol)

Taurophylax - 2020-04-08

Update:  I revised this deck and got FM in a couple of hours with almost all wins. See


Cruizer - 2020-04-26

Im sorry to ask this here.  Im new and cant figure out the answer anywhere.  But how do you actually view what cards are in these deck posts. 

Cruizer - 2020-04-26

lol nevermind it was the browser i was using.   thats embarising.....

Oxymoron - 2020-05-07

Germany was my weak faction until I built this. Piloted this deck from Captain to OC w/ a rating of 2100 in 31 games with just 6 losses.

DrDark420 - 2020-07-17
Is this deck even good in today's meta?
joshugh - 2020-08-03
I just went 5-0 to take Germany to FM. Worked for me but it definitely just depends on your competition.
Jeffkswiney - 2020-08-05
Can someone please explain to me, what value the Japanese 34th infantry reg. can possibly be? It seems points to remove your own top car after every play. Especially for a 2/2 trade off.
winman82 - 2020-08-26
34 1 turn, second panzer 35 with 0 cost plus boost of combined..perfect start with boost in fornt and zero ocost.. i would say main benfit...
delphium - 2021-03-03
also, when this deck was created the 34th was a 2/3. it has been nerfed.

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