FM Japan Special Delivery Air Mail (Really Fun to Play)

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Main nation : Japan

Support nation : Britain

Cost : 2556  

Patch version : Theatres of war release

Last update : 2020-07-29 by Zanderson

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Oh man what a fun deck!  So many answers for the meta game.  Want a japanese deck that isn't an aggro rush deck?  Want something that doesn't spam cheap infantry and runs out of gas against any player worth their salt?  Well I did too.  That's why I put together this deck that relies on the seiran and the gekko mid game to punish people in the late game.  Get your commandos lined up and they are the sugar on top.  Use the guard units to protect and stall.  Black watch to punish order players and coldstream to keep them in check.  Easily one of the best cards in the deck is gunboat raid.  Get that out mid game with a commando and any seiran or gekko and you can destroy multiple targets.  Remove there stuff with the toras and navals, but also ping their hq down.  Remember to keep your order planes protected to increase your damage.   Anyway I loved playing this.  If you are in the mood for japanese control, this is a great deck!


Hartmanator - 2020-08-01
I don't have all the cards for this yet, but I have a deck that is based off of this and it works

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