Low Rarity UK Midrange

Main nation : Britain

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 480  

Patch version : Allegiance released

Created : 2020-01-05 by Scientiavore

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This deck has no specials and elites, and has reached fm this season.  This is also the only nation where I used a completely different deck this season compared to last season (last season d13 and I used a naval support deck).  

The UK is the hardest nation to win with if you don't have rare cards.  This is why I recommend those with limited collections try and get FM with it early on.  That being said, I believe a lot of the cards in this deck have potential.  I'm surprised they don't see more play.    

I'm of the opinion that no deck should be set in stone.  Between things like individual playstyles, whatever the meta is, and tweaking, any given deck should go through many changes and have different variations (this deck in particular should definitely be tweaked according to the meta).  Feel free to ask me questions about this deck or different cards.  


dugaldmorrison@yahoo.com - 2020-01-10

Thanks very much for posting this and your other low rarity decks. I only started playing this month, and up until now I had been focused on using artillery and guards in my UK deck.

TaserDonut - 2020-01-18

Just one thing... How well does it do against aggro/tempo? Since I do not see much earlygame in here and early stall neither... *thonks*

MSThompson47 - 2020-01-20

good deck. thanks for sharing, i had reached fm with it

Ironzzz - 2020-02-05

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome deck.

mitch77 - 2020-03-02

I can't craft this deck fully, but my first tries with 29 out of 40 cards show it doesn't work AT ALL.
Now I'm unsure if I should craft the rest of the cards... Brits just don't work for me in general though.

neizvesten10 - 2020-03-13

second week in the game here and reach 4 FM and sadly i left the brits for last which is a mistake after understand the rank system now :D .  You are right that brit looks like hard without specific specials and a lot of elites to win with , but this deck looks nice tbh nothing impresive but very simple idea and should work great for the cost .  I guess gonna try it at the start in next season to eliminate Brits asap . 

elPicaroony - 2020-04-24

This is the duck's nuts man....fair play. 

disease snake - 2020-05-12

This is a consistent deck and very versatile. I manage some aggro / midrange deck with it. Moreover it is very pedagogical.

marcusinus - 2020-05-22

Deck not working so much, britain not working so much.

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