Budget Axis Blitz

Main nation : Germany

Support nation : Italy

Cost : 732  

Patch version : Allegiance released

Created : 2019-12-26 by Mundi

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A budget post Allegiance version of the Blitz archtype. Here using Italy as an ally for a few additional cheap fast units and then some. 

Simply try to overrun the frontline with your cheap and fast units and some buffs for them to deal a decisive blow to the enemy as early in the game as possible. 



Any of the varios cheap units you have in there are a good catch. Try to get an IRON FROM THE NORTH also to spam out your units immediately (you can also try having more of those in the deck). PANZER II-A is an old staple of blitz decks and for a good reason, it is fast, can destroy many of the cheap units of other nation that might be quicker to grab the frontline and with the 3 defense, it has good staying power for a 1k cost unit. Discard FIAT G.55 and HUMAN TORPEDO



As often with blitz decks, this one runs out of steam very quickly when you deploy all those cheap units early on. Thats why some drawing power is required. ENIGMA is really good for this as well as 22nd INFANTRY REGIMENT (make sure to get at least 1 extra draw out of it when you deploy it). That being said those are both Special cards and if you don't have them, PANZER 38(t) might be a decent budget friendly option instead.

Then there are a few basic removal cards and some cards that synergize with holding the frontline and being on the offensive. Feel free to adjust the combinations and numbers of these according to your preferences, card collection and the types of decks you are facing. 

I hope this scores some fast and furious, cost-efficient victories form someone in the early rank levels. Have fun!


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