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Budget Brit FM Air Blitz

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Main nation : Britain

Support nation : Soviet

Cost : 1188  

Patch version : Theatres of war release

Last update : 2020-07-02 by winman82

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Patch: Theatre of War

Mulligan: try to get at least 2-3 Gladiator or Swordfish with firestorm perfectly

Newly Modified Brit Air Blitz with some new orders from Theatre of War  (URA!)

Main Strategy of this quick deck is to get as many Air units on board and buffed them in early 2-4 rounds and constatly bite enemy HQ.

For tough fights we have universal Katyuashas, And Carpet Bombing if needed.

Deck can be easily updated with brits Specila like mosquito, p40 once possesed :)

As well empire strike is suggested to swap with second Albacore once possed

New URA order correclty played with at least 3 units on board combined with firestorm is main combo You look after in this deck to finish HQ around 5-6 round :)

Matchups mainly against agro and middle range, 

For slow ramped decks quick control of board is desired to not let enemy reach 7-8, at that point game is just too tough for this deck


winman82 - 2020-07-02
Any suggestions are welcomed
winman82 - 2020-07-02
Further swaps once possed : precision bombing as most desired removal. instead of one of buffs or even carpet bombing maybe:)

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