Kards decks list

Name Creator Main nation Support nation Views  Rating  Cost   Comments  Updated
JPN/GER Aggro - Super Budget, Reached FM Twice [Updated for Season 18]Sinlike Japan Germany927 351642020-10-03
Rule, Britannia! (Final Version)Banisher Britain France4286 17356412019-12-14
Medium UK/Japan Air FMYaBoiRodri Britain Japan127 1122402020-10-27
lsenberg#7722beiha Germany Germany8 0002020-10-27
USA - Low Rarity High WinrateBasquiat USA Japan180 037202020-09-17
US/GER Midrange - Budget, Reached FM Twice [Updated for Season 18] {Thanks Dynamo! <3}Sinlike USA Germany258 0164402020-10-04
Blood for BloodIsenberg Japan Soviet348 0192002019-12-11
Soviets Control | 90% WinrateSpooz_Twitch Soviet Germany12201 34444032020-03-11
OMGsokol_comrade Soviet Britain186 0517202020-10-12
Field Marshal deck using only standard and limited cardsSpooz_Twitch USA Britain2897 748002020-01-22
Aggro SlayerAriBigBehn Soviet Germany1347 6417602020-07-23
Alpini Supreme V2GrimmCynicism Germany Italy356 1180002020-10-06
GER/JPN Budget Deck (only Standard and Limited Cards)terrentino150 Germany Japan101 066002020-10-21
Make them destroy there own HQtwitch.tv/banxygaming Germany Japan845 0296402020-09-09
Artillery Easy and Cheap andre.duclos01 USA Soviet215 2124802020-10-13
Jap/Brit Last Rites OTKGearbot Japan Britain831 4237632019-12-27
GB - Control Late Escalationmephi Britain Soviet489 2146402020-07-08
MeatgrinderBo0m Japan Soviet2576 17492102019-12-11
EVOLUTIONHazelLatte Soviet Germany251 0430802020-02-27
AlpineBankyufzsy Germany Italy25 0302402020-10-27
K League Week 1 Germany | Japanpetriachor2 Germany Japan161 0303602020-09-07
NoKardsForUyufzsy Germany Britain305 0302402020-09-18
Clan VengeanceEl Chickenrice Germany Britain287 0318002020-06-17
USA Britain K-league week 2fakutya USA Britain207 0381602020-09-07
´´Budget´´ Brit + Soviet Firestorm Comboxiaojyun Britain Soviet1487 8115252020-05-19
Only CCCP infantry rushThian_Valdesir Soviet Britain246 0213602020-07-28
First Britain Deck[BZH ] eTo Britain Japan1512 1037202020-04-19
Charlins Panzer Corpsschliebe Germany USA232 1111602020-10-15
Soviet Flyersxploring Soviet Japan396 1195602019-12-18
testSakanako Soviet Japan212 2550802020-01-30
Soviet-propelled-artillerySadrik Soviet Japan295 0310802020-03-20
USA Starter DeckLotus USA Italy1458 942072020-05-16
Britain Starter DeckLotus Britain Soviet1733 842052020-05-16
Soviet Starter DeckLotus Soviet USA1131 1242052020-05-16
Germany Starter DeckLotus Germany Soviet1507 942022020-05-19
Enemy, you will burn in hell!!Lukypo Japan Soviet297 0177602020-07-04
GE/JP BURNBest Sakuya NA Germany Japan312 0326402020-05-13
Spirit of UlsterTaserDonut Britain Italy413 1100802020-04-28
Schneeball 141TaserDonut Germany Italy350 0106802020-05-09
First Deck - copied from Spooz_Twitchcasatron2005 Britain USA5 051602020-10-27
Resistance Mill Deck hy286 Britain France413 0355202020-06-15
TomatoMato 2TomatoMato Britain France150 0127202020-07-24
CupOfTeaSnakii0 Britain France196 0129602020-07-23
Kards Open - Dubba RollCristiano Abbud Japan Soviet96 0160802020-07-23
Under my CommandGabrielzinho Britain Japan469 0246002020-03-02
cheap artillery (S17 FM)(top 100)rayson366458 USA Soviet346 185202020-09-25
Red Sky Alliancebibobaby Soviet France433 0218402020-01-09
Soviet Beginner Deck - 75% Starter Cards 90% WRwinstonchurchill Soviet USA6391 29768122020-04-18
French killerIsenberg Germany Soviet323 0180002019-12-11
Budget Axis HQ BurnMundi Japan Germany776 466002019-12-18
Combined ArmsIsenberg Germany Britain460 1158402019-12-11
Midrange Soviet/USAIsenberg Soviet USA321 0385202019-12-11
Stronk TonkIsenberg Soviet Italy603 2387602019-12-11
ResistanceIsenberg Germany France504 1302412019-12-11
Combined ArmsIsenberg Germany France356 0132002019-12-11
Field Marshall | Low Cost - *Cold War*FITUMI Soviet USA746 4140402019-12-11
War production-French killerlpioll Soviet USA1847 13352802019-12-11
New BlitzFunPolice Germany Soviet1384 6256802019-12-28
If you can´t beat them, join them - then beat themelpresidentedeljunta Britain Japan367 088802020-02-09
Combined Arms UPDATEDFunPolice Germany Britain387 0142802020-02-09
David and GoliathHazelLatte Britain Japan420 1426002020-02-15
Japan aggro budgetonecash1 Japan USA391 376802020-02-17
Triplepold/HowToMakeEnemiesMadTaserDonut Germany USA705 275602020-02-17
Iron wallDziker Soviet France319 0148402020-02-20
Tea and crosaintDziker Britain France401 0164802020-02-20
Soviet-german blitz deckThian_Valdesir Soviet Germany295 1150402020-02-21
GermanyRampyufzsy Germany USA727 2403202020-10-20
BUCKY_K-LEAGUE/Week2BUCKY Germany Soviet215 0124802020-09-06
FM S19 Budget Control CommandoNEgative Britain USA182 0105602020-10-15
D.A.F.skzeman Germany USA104 0343202020-07-22
Fast Food - Quick, Cheap, unhealthy wild_eyes Japan Soviet9457 581188172020-07-03
Major power: GermanyPetit_Poney Germany Japan501 2388802020-06-03
(Field Marshall) GERMAN TEMPO ALL ROUNDERyutol/OG_ Germany Britain1785 6201602020-01-02
Ger/Brit MidrangeTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Germany Britain397 2381602020-07-07
Exploit the GapTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Germany Britain276 0416402020-07-08
GermanBurremans Germany Britain107 0139202020-07-23
Budget Allied RampMundi USA Britain535 146802020-01-03
Resistance Bombardment.@saint Britain France335 0111602020-06-13
Spooz 2.0 FMTaurophylax Germany Japan5903 2355292020-04-14
USA / BRIT Air lateNemesis_Gryphus1 USA Britain81 0175202020-07-24
RAF Bomber CommandDudarpg Britain Japan1089 4166812020-01-24
A dumb WIP deckShadySquid Japan Japan141 0116002020-05-10
Brussia Deck - Britain/Soviet Guard-Aerial Attack FM Britain (90% WR)MAJORHIGH Britain Soviet1296 289252020-06-04
Season 14 Budget Field Marshal deck (no specials or elites inside) Spooz_Twitch Japan Germany2197 1154002020-05-05
USA/Japan - RangedTheStray USA Japan101 086402020-07-25
Floodingyufzsy Soviet USA362 0216002020-10-05
Soviet's Speedy Meat Grinderflackbait Soviet Japan145 092402020-10-13
USA Deck 2Breich USA Britain121 039602020-05-25
Tournement # 3MarviTheMaster Soviet USA142 149202020-07-23
Low rarity Midrange Soviet + Japan (standard + limited)xiaojyun Soviet Japan619 250402020-05-04
The DemoraliserGandhi Britain Japan579 1292812020-04-20
UK/GE COMMONWEALTHBest Sakuya NA Britain Germany400 2454802020-05-13
Paper Curtain FM!RocksteadyJ USA Soviet258 1105602020-04-27
Kards Open Deck 3NonGMOSalt Germany USA75 0271202020-07-24
RAFchanning Britain USA138 0327602020-08-23
Rule Britannia!Flying Chipmunk Britain USA258 037202020-04-24
afdfaDireWolf747 Japan France8 0002020-10-27
AlpineFunPolice Germany Italy873 2242422019-12-28
Soviet Deck 2twitch.tv/banxygaming Soviet USA203 0223202020-06-09
enjoy my deck lulz reach fm for fun and im enjoying until the end Epsirouamat Japan Germany140 190032020-08-26
Soviet FM Portsmouth AllianceHypersion Soviet Japan201 0216002020-10-05
Soviet/Jap Light Infantry DeckAngelojmj Soviet Japan446 156412020-06-19
Portsmouth Alliance Soviet September 2020 FM.Hypersion Soviet Japan354 0216002020-09-06
kards 1pad USA Britain86 0346802020-07-23
Johannes' Mountaineers v.2Johannes Germany Italy470 1205212020-08-08
Japan Starter DeckLotus Japan Germany831 742002020-05-16
US tournament listSexual_Harrasm_Panda//Pvt.Paul USA Italy240 199602020-07-15
The Priestess of Victory (Feb FM Aggro)TaserDonut USA Soviet1387 443212020-02-15
Air fast attackAndy Yang Britain Japan132 1376802020-07-23
GerAllyyufzsy Germany USA15 0309602020-10-27
Ger/US Midrangechanning Germany USA27 0250802020-10-25
Ger/Japan Discard FMYaBoiRodri Germany Japan138 1265202020-10-24
BUCKYBUCKY Britain USA90 0136802020-08-28
Cheap blitz July Field Marshal (Pact of Steel)Kolbasnik Germany Italy465 261202020-07-20
Field Marshal deck using only standard and limited cardsSpooz_Twitch Britain USA9365 12951652020-01-15
Will of the Tyrants ( Germany / Britain )Mysterious Stranger Germany Britain373 1012020-09-22
Brit-Italy HQadv with spirit of Rome, Common WealthLuckyspike Britain Italy346 1303622020-06-16
SOV/GERM Value Town (Control) - Budget, Reached FM Twice [Updated for Season 18]Sinlike Soviet Germany733 074452020-10-03
Kards Open #1 - Japan/GermanyRainzone Japan Germany382 0244802020-07-24
HQ Demoliton JAP-GERterrentino150 Japan Germany2471 840882020-07-01
Baguette Boysthe_advocator Soviet France178 075602020-07-16
USA FM by Spooz_Twitchcasatron2005 USA Britain1 048002020-10-28
Soviets control Kards openCaps04 Soviet Japan136 0470402020-07-23
Soviet / USA solid deckLuckyspike Soviet USA304 1516002020-05-24
Men of WarAndy Yang Soviet Germany300 1454802020-07-23
Budget Germany FMAurum Watch Germany USA320 054002020-09-19
"Gotta Go Fast" -- Japanese/Soviet Aggro, Season 10 Winning DeckTowerNumberNine Japan Soviet1929 11360072020-02-01
KARDS How-to: Your first Aggro Deck | Japan AggroGamerMengel Japan Germany4474 1250412020-04-13
FM Sep - Oct 2020Sleeping Dragon Soviet USA301 097202020-10-01
Bombarding Atlantic Alliance - FM and early top 100kowalski USA Britain1296 6122422020-06-06
Too Fast For You ver. 2TheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Germany Italy312 0271202020-07-17
* FM * JAPAN * 100% winrateRoyal Japan Britain1176 2186452020-06-25
BritAllyyufzsy Britain USA27 0445202020-10-27
gobatis Japan Germany103 0202802020-07-25
Theaters BritBurnBadDecisionDino Japan Britain344 0162012020-07-01
Cornflakes with Soy MilkWHEEL3R Germany France217 0396002020-07-28
Those budget choices led me to FM in just 3 days.Muhammad Hani Soviet USA851 3181222020-07-05
Field Marshal deck using only standard and limited cardsSpooz_Twitch Germany Japan13577 60564152020-01-14
K LEAUGE / GERMANYSS_CrusaderGlory Germany USA184 055202020-08-30
US/Soviet Aggro/MidIzana USA Soviet432 0111602019-12-26
Sonic HeinzTaserDonut Germany Soviet512 3126022020-07-21
yeetmasterkiller7447 USA Britain71 0002020-10-10
Kards Open 07/2020 BRIT/GERTerror_de Britain Germany261 2406802020-08-03
Soviet Tokens | 78% WinrateSpooz_Twitch Soviet USA4855 241872102019-12-16
Rule, Britannia!Isenberg Britain France637 3348002019-12-11
Big ZeroTealkeli Japan Germany565 1213602019-12-11
[Field marshall] Ramp and discardIsenberg USA Germany883 3325202019-12-12
10 HP HQVimesey Japan Soviet700 6244802019-12-13
? ? ? ?[CNDZ]Leopard2cv USA Britain362 0218402019-12-13
Fried flat Tokyo[CNDZ]Leopard2cv USA Britain865 3218402019-12-13
War Mobilization-Use NKVD to clear the Resistance![CNDZ]Leopard2cv Soviet USA351 2390002019-12-13
???(Paper man)Ultramarine Japan Soviet248 0129602019-12-13
Blitzkrieg---occupy paris before the Frenchmen surrenderedMSThompson47 Germany Soviet674 4190802019-12-13
Banzaieirismania Japan Soviet290 1146402019-12-13
Blitzkrieg---Occupy Paris before the Frenchmen surrenderedMSThompson47 Germany Soviet324 2165602019-12-13
Brit Rampmoyang Britain USA551 1439202019-12-13
Alpine-Blitzmoyang Germany Italy522 0150802019-12-13
HQ advantagemoyang Britain Italy1028 7285632019-12-16
CCHYunKeRin Germany Soviet263 1346802019-12-14
TokenFendor Soviet USA247 0229202019-12-15
Soviet Anti-Resistance MidrangeFendor Soviet USA275 0453602019-12-15
BurnFendor Japan Soviet394 1331202019-12-15
Low Rarity Arty AggroScientiavore USA Soviet6583 34504132020-01-05
Low Rarity TokensScientiavore Soviet Japan1155 549222020-01-04
Low Rarity Japanese InfantryScientiavore Japan Soviet653 248002020-01-05
Low Rarity Combined ArmsScientiavore Germany Japan1554 956422020-01-04
Combined Arms with Sovietmoyang Germany Soviet378 2186002019-12-19
Ger/US Co. Arms 2Isenberg Germany USA372 1124802019-12-15
Pin-Def-Mob Br-Frbazsiatoth Britain France479 0171602019-12-18
Galloper GunsGKZhukov Soviet France582 2260402019-12-16
Budget Air RushGKZhukov Britain Soviet3314 13134422019-12-16
Combined ArmsFunPolice Germany Britain730 4189602019-12-28
German ResistanceNeroMcBrain Germany France431 1248402020-01-03
Tony OTKmoyang USA Japan617 2362402019-12-19
PanzerkampfThorosOfMyr Soviet Germany454 3103202019-12-18
War production-Low costlpioll Soviet USA378 075602019-12-20
Budget Combined Arms - SOV/GERBo0m Soviet Germany506 262412019-12-21
Kamikazi DeckNonGMOSalt Soviet Japan367 2248402019-12-22
Omega BSIsenberg Japan France503 0202812019-12-23
Wartime LogisticsCrackbone USA Soviet358 1120002019-12-23
US Front Line InfantryScuttleButt USA Britain407 1284402019-12-23
Japanese AggroDarkness Japan Soviet205 0316802020-04-29
StahlpaktDarkness Germany Italy517 2291602020-04-28
New York BlitzMorS Germany USA511 2240002019-12-25
Inglorious BastardsMorS Germany Britain673 3291602019-12-25
Budget Axis BlitzMundi Germany Italy593 173202019-12-26
RampFunPolice USA Germany440 2339602019-12-28
Red AirFunPolice Soviet France392 1231602019-12-27
SolitareFunPolice Britain Japan427 0420002019-12-28
Kamikazearthinsangpha Japan Soviet424 1285612020-01-04
Soviet Crackmoomoo Soviet USA607 4138012020-01-11
Britain Deck 1lalo Britain USA375 139602019-12-31
Top-5 DecemberDrogear Soviet USA1111 8438032019-12-30
0 Op 0 ProblemsKacsa Japan Soviet283 0268802019-12-30
Battle of Britainsploosh Britain Japan569 0375602020-01-07
Air burnsploosh Japan Italy710 3321612020-01-05
USA frontlinesploosh USA Soviet331 1213602020-01-01
Budget #1grflex USA Japan325 045602020-01-02
Fall WeissBanisher Germany Soviet431 1448802020-01-02
Mid-Range HQ Damage deckILDUCEVINCERE Germany Italy545 1135602020-01-02
Tracked AssaultBo0m Germany USA365 176802020-01-02
Furious Sushibibobaby Japan Soviet206 1211202020-01-03
Low Rarity UK MidrangeScientiavore Britain Soviet3425 15480102020-01-05
AmericanosCapfer USA Soviet247 032002020-01-05
Blitznononsch Germany France340 080402020-01-06
Ribbentropnononsch Germany Soviet305 080402020-01-06
mamarre martillo pusidestroyer66 Britain USA517 3122402020-01-06
MarshallplanDarkness USA Germany2063 11360012020-01-07
Kamikaze Infantry+Air Aggro/ControlTaserDonut Japan Britain806 044412020-01-07
Field Marshal deck using only standard and limited cardsSpooz_Twitch Japan Germany1560 449212020-01-08
Fight to the EndBanisher Britain USA404 1486002020-01-18
Field Marshal deck using only standard and limited cardsSpooz_Twitch Soviet USA1985 7528122020-01-08
DiscardFunPolice Germany France557 0301202020-01-20
Baby Combo (OFFICIAL)Scout Germany Soviet3123 10138012020-01-11
Blitz MidrangeNonGMOSalt Germany USA515 1190802020-01-12
Tempo suicide Japs v2TaserDonut Japan Britain456 146802020-01-12
Japan rush deckTurtlestooth127 Japan USA276 074802020-01-13
Chunkymvm900 USA Germany208 186402020-04-11
The AllianceDudarpg Britain USA531 2186002020-01-14
BLITZKRIEGScienceDiscoverer Germany Japan1295 075632020-01-14
BlitzkriegToasted Butter USA Germany654 337202020-01-15
Iron HideFocus Force Soviet Britain760 348002020-01-24
Anzio Counterattackwatdeduck Germany Italy373 057602020-01-15
Deny and Discardmoyang Germany Britain429 2278412020-01-17
TURN 7 OTK TONYyutol/OG_ Japan USA1138 10195612020-01-19
Really low grinding to Field Marshallmeathead Britain USA375 082802020-01-21
Voyenno-Vozdushnye Silymoomoo Soviet USA287 3202812020-01-21
New BlitzkriegMSThompson47 Germany USA322 0220802020-01-22
CommonwealthScienceDiscoverer Britain Italy914 1118812020-01-22
Grind to your way to FM! (oooooh exciting!)MNThundergod USA Germany417 158802020-01-22
B-29 Ramp with multiple win conditionsTaserDonut USA Soviet550 069602020-01-23
Heavy GuardFocus Force Britain Soviet320 0144002020-01-24
Heavy TankFocus Force Germany USA314 0117602020-01-24
HQ Damagejohnnie_walker88 Japan Germany303 0268802020-01-25
Cannon Fodder CrusherScienceDiscoverer USA Japan267 078002020-01-26
supAIRpower (US/Jap)TaserDonut USA Japan291 144402020-01-26
UK Onlyjohnnie_walker88 Britain Britain330 0177602020-01-26
Greyhoundsjohnnie_walker88 USA Soviet269 2180012020-01-26
No Elite - 1940 Behind Enemy Lineselpresidentedeljunta Britain France780 298412020-01-27
Make France Great Again Sakanako Britain France463 0423602020-01-28
Anglo-FrenchHazelLatte Britain France362 0441602020-01-29
???HazelLatte Germany Soviet238 0306002020-01-29
Regia AeronauticaHazelLatte Britain Italy331 1316802020-01-29
Russian AmbushersKoffe-Mark Soviet Japan257 0238802020-01-30
Allied RampLightBring3rx USA Britain342 173202020-01-31
German/US Cannot Be Targeted Control Top 50 JanuaryDKA897 Germany USA453 1228802020-02-06
japs and soviet rush Turtlestooth127 Japan Soviet193 074402020-02-01
NATOHazelLatte USA Germany360 0394802020-02-01
Top-5 JanuaryDrogear Britain Germany2778 14469232020-02-01
Japan-Germany agroBubbles Japan Germany430 1226802020-02-29
Meme deck 1TaserDonut Soviet Italy414 046802020-02-02
Japan BlitzWorstFriend Japan Japan285 1187202020-04-08
Marshal Deck UK-USSRLordPavel Britain Soviet358 056012020-02-05
Britain Deck 1LordPavel Britain Japan231 082802020-02-05
Ruthless Aggression! lyin Devil! Japan USA255 0282012020-02-12
German-Soviet BlitzAlveraMistressofLight Germany Soviet421 363602020-02-06
The French StateAlveraMistressofLight Germany France1205 6178802020-02-06
Vive la ?RépubliqueHazelLatte USA France1147 7372002020-02-06
Light Infantry Spam - Best Soviet deckHazelLatte Soviet USA798 3310802020-02-06
Cheap SovietWorstFriend Soviet Japan250 2109202020-02-06
IMBAJeKerMan Soviet Japan533 351612020-02-07
Gamer Mengel ~ Japanese BlitzGamerMengel Japan Germany404 0265202020-02-08
JawohlNightfine Germany Japan367 048002020-02-08
Tank Only Germany -No Budget-FunFantomex Germany Italy393 0306002020-02-08
Combined ArmsFantomex Germany Italy258 0159602020-02-08
Infantry-US deckFantomex USA Japan327 0240002020-02-08
Soviet-German TanksFantomex Soviet Germany268 0240002020-02-08
Lowcost FM anti-tank deckTaserDonut Germany Soviet759 148002020-02-09
Britalycleto0 Britain Italy293 055202020-02-11
Rommel aprovesDziker Germany France455 1118002020-02-14
Russian Aircleto0 Soviet Britain383 0127202020-02-17
Top-5 FebruaryDrogear Soviet Germany1563 10414022020-02-29
Japan BlitzNekrodamus Japan Soviet235 190002020-03-01
Imperial OrderDudarpg Japan Germany470 2211222020-03-02
Agressive OtakusGabrielzinho Japan Germany334 0291622020-03-02
hit and runDziker USA Britain397 2242402020-03-03
German FM DeckBullhor Germany Soviet351 1104402020-03-05
Russian FmBullhor Soviet Germany317 166022020-03-05
Britain fm deckBullhor Britain Germany476 1133212020-03-05
testSakanako Soviet Japan172 0621602020-03-05
German/US Combined Armscjkaddy Germany USA303 1124812020-03-06
US/German Midrangecjkaddy USA Germany268 0212402020-03-06
Soviet/German Midrangecjkaddy Soviet Germany197 0414002020-03-06
US/Soviet Aggrocjkaddy USA Soviet250 1145202020-03-07
German/Soviet Midrangecjkaddy Germany Soviet220 0272402020-03-07
US/Soviet Rampcjkaddy USA Soviet300 0240002020-03-07
Soviet/Ger FM Control Deck (With Budget Options)opiate_dream_tyrant Soviet Germany350 1140402020-03-07
Future of WarfareGabrielzinho Germany Soviet228 0255602020-03-08
Resist and BurnGabrielzinho Germany France425 0211202020-03-08
WehrmachtGabrielzinho Germany Britain434 0334832020-03-11
British/Russian Guardcjkaddy Britain Soviet630 144422020-03-09
Final pushDziker Soviet Japan222 080402020-03-10
Decree of DemonsTaserDonut Japan Britain588 138422020-03-13
The Red ArmyGabrielzinho Soviet USA339 1350402020-03-11
The VillainsGabrielzinho Germany Japan463 1268832020-03-11
Germany - Italy alpineLuckyspike Germany Italy1143 3400802020-03-12
Es lebe DeutschlandBanisher Germany Soviet557 1528002020-03-13
Somewhat Budget Soviet TokensBest Sakuya NA Soviet USA259 1126012020-03-14
Classic Rampjohnnie_walker88 USA Germany443 0386402020-03-15
Emperor of the sun FMBismarck Japan Germany320 1121202020-03-16
Us/Italy aggro good win rate OC (top 50)bengui USA Italy3180 1899662020-04-24
Katycombossnefru Britain Soviet380 1260402020-03-20
till the endcrusaderbanana Japan Germany209 094802020-03-21
Low budget Soviet-propelled-artillerySadrik Soviet Japan440 163612020-03-25
Soviet USA ValuetownBest Sakuya NA Soviet USA385 0445202020-03-26
Transpacific Pact Original (Japanese FM March)TaserDonut Japan USA205 0112802020-03-25
Transpacific Pact ModifiedTaserDonut Japan USA336 3108002020-03-25
Bouncycastlesnefru Germany USA758 3162012020-03-26
1st Rifles meme decksnefru Soviet Britain420 0232812020-03-29
Top-5 MarchDrogear Soviet USA924 2438002020-03-31
ALEMAO JAPONESTHUG Germany Japan236 0100402020-04-01
MotherlandJoeyfish Soviet USA200 1358802020-04-02
Commonwealth FMTaurophylax Britain Soviet344 0136802020-04-05
OG US/Brit RampNonGMOSalt USA Britain1418 4223202020-04-05
AxisBurnAviv Germany Italy260 1242002020-04-05
Tempo Blitz FMTaurophylax USA Soviet267 0153602020-04-06
[Main] Artillery + Guardhaunhp@gmail.com Britain USA533 055202020-04-07
??????lalka Germany Germany161 0180002020-04-07
Blackout in GermanyBismarck Britain USA291 0247202020-04-07
Great Patriotic Warsnefru Soviet Germany283 0321602020-04-08
0 RushWorstFriend Japan Soviet198 0146402020-04-08
Japan AggroBest Sakuya NA Japan Soviet242 0237602020-04-09
Frontline USA GermanyBest Sakuya NA USA Germany420 092402020-04-09
Frontline Japan USABest Sakuya NA Japan USA285 0210002020-04-09
Aggro Japan ItalyBest Sakuya NA Japan Italy322 0195602020-04-09
Soviet Tokens (April)Best Sakuya NA Soviet USA342 0181202020-04-09
April Field Marshal deck - BritainSpooz_Twitch Britain USA3025 7332422020-04-16
Falsa AliançaInsidiatorBR Soviet France359 174402020-04-11
Last Rites opiate_dream_tyrant Japan Britain587 296002020-04-13
Soviets HmMmComrade Vladimir Soviet USA197 0110402020-04-13
April Field Marshal deck - SovietSpooz_Twitch Soviet USA1063 4214802020-04-16
USA/JAP ControlBenBacon USA Japan288 1165602020-04-20
ArtiElmasturbator Britain France322 065602020-04-16
April Field Marshal deck - JapanSpooz_Twitch Japan USA1084 3290402020-04-16
USA/Soviet Common and limited OnlyAviv USA Soviet226 052802020-04-17
April Field Marshal deck - GermanySpooz_Twitch Germany USA1704 3298822020-04-18
FM April: GM PvP Kards Release Deck - Bounce BlitzGamerMengel Germany USA1188 2307202020-04-20
GE/JP AGGROBest Sakuya NA Germany Japan525 1268802020-04-18
British AirPrairiePirate Britain USA324 0302402020-04-18
April Field Marshal deck - USASpooz_Twitch USA Germany2318 7261642020-04-18
DraftPrairiePirate USA Japan146 0110402020-04-19
Budget Japan/Germanysnefru Japan Germany205 046802020-04-19
Budget US/USSRsnefru USA Soviet236 044402020-04-19
Budget UK/USSRsnefru Britain Soviet308 052802020-04-19
First Germany deck[BZH ] eTo Germany Japan1899 1637222020-04-19
First Soviet Deck[BZH ] eTo Soviet USA1167 934802020-04-19
First USA Deck[BZH ] eTo USA Germany1086 538402020-04-19
First Japan Deck[BZH ] eTo Japan Germany1349 838402020-04-19
ChurchillxFrozted Britain USA244 039602020-04-19
n;othignHanza USA Soviet175 0289202020-04-19
Russia Power DeckGandhi Soviet USA245 0193202020-04-20
Japan BurnGandhi Japan Germany186 078002020-04-20
Japan 0K Gandhi Japan Soviet180 0201602020-04-20
?????? — ???? 3bach19 Soviet USA142 038402020-04-21
?????? — ?????????????? 1bach19 Britain USA148 098402020-04-21
Jap Fra Last Ritesopiate_dream_tyrant Japan France362 0139202020-04-21
Kamikazebj0rN Japan Germany264 050402020-04-21
Standard/limited FM deck, flexible strategyhy286 Japan Britain265 076802020-04-22
Stephanus43Stephanus43 Germany Germany197 040002020-04-22
New World Order (+n)CaptainSpaulding USA Germany217 031202020-04-22
Soviet/BritishCiraSPY Soviet Britain280 038402020-04-23
Japan Deck 1jimmifier Japan Soviet160 079202020-04-22
USA Deck 1jimmifier USA Germany134 037202020-04-22
German/Japense ControlKarthex Germany Japan310 0146402020-04-23
Soviet Deck 2Sheckle_Hunter Soviet USA153 073202020-04-23
Barbarossa BoisGandhi Germany Soviet188 0174002020-04-23
Britaly BoosterGandhi Britain Italy211 0109602020-04-23
USA Deck 1Gandhi USA Germany155 0235202020-04-23
Baguette BustersGandhi Soviet France394 0288002020-04-23
Swiss AlpsGandhi Germany Italy279 0234002020-04-23
Heavy Armour USGandhi USA Soviet369 1282002020-10-14
Snipebj0rN USA Britain214 048002020-04-23
Retreatmrzasa USA Britain178 0160002020-04-23
Jap Slap FMTaurophylax Japan USA316 2151202020-04-23
common wealtgogo2225 Britain USA201 0230402020-04-23
Soviet Infantry FM 75% WRstabro Soviet USA461 151612020-04-23
Stalins Soviet SimpsFlying Chipmunk Soviet Japan223 038402020-04-24
Blitzkrieg Panzer Charge: 80% WinrateCastor's Cross Germany Japan2893 12287232020-04-25
Brit/USA Control Field General statussparkymatt9 Britain USA460 1236412020-04-25
Sov/Ger Blitzguardweissenwulf Soviet Germany228 045602020-04-25
Canadian Artillery FM Deck Standard/Limited onlyhy286 Britain USA342 056402020-04-25
HQ is saifucurrentcurrant USA Soviet207 137202020-04-25
German Midrange/Control - FM Deck standard/limited only hy286 Germany Soviet465 157602020-04-26
Alpinehy286 Germany Italy252 0140402020-04-26
USA Startertupadreunpoco USA Japan188 148002020-04-26
FM cheap soviet buffTeutoburgForest Soviet Britain445 250402020-04-26
US/JAP FM DeckMacreus USA Japan463 184002020-04-26
Standard Limited ONLYPrairiePirate USA Germany230 060002020-04-27
USA ?? ?????? ?????????Danicimo USA Germany138 034802020-04-27
Russian Resolve FM!RocksteadyJ Soviet Britain294 176802020-04-27
Let's Go!! FM!RocksteadyJ Japan Britain313 150402020-04-27
Thx Spooz! FM!RocksteadyJ Britain USA480 186402020-04-27
Spooz Heavy Sub FM!RocksteadyJ Germany Japan430 156402020-04-27
USA Deck 1TheWiz USA Britain160 0114002020-04-27
Germany Deck 1weissenwulf Germany Japan262 060002020-04-28
Quick FM attemptKennEH Britain USA473 062402020-04-28
Cheeky CommandosKennEH Britain Japan432 1264002020-04-28
Ambush/Aprilmudcreek71 Soviet Japan236 0283202020-04-29
Commonwealthmatlosz Britain Japan417 1128402020-04-29
USSR/JAP Light Inf Spam (Limited/Common, 1x Special)NihilistKitten Soviet Japan530 151622020-04-30
ARTY Aggrostabro USA Soviet284 188802020-04-30
Humongous stalk! Cheap and fun? Beshketnyk Britain USA288 1135202020-04-30
Banzai DeckHugo Rheinhardt Japan Britain270 0108002020-05-02
Beginner deck Japan (all standard & limited)AriBigBehn Japan Soviet557 449222020-05-23
Aggrogoldenhk Japan Germany177 0120012020-05-03
Heavy Armorstabro Germany USA389 073212020-05-03
Britain FM Guard Limited/Standardbosk Britain Soviet824 350432020-05-04
AutoKomboLotus Germany Soviet313 1115202020-05-04
Season 14 Budget Field Marshal deck (no specials or elites inside)Spooz_Twitch Germany Japan1270 656402020-05-05
Aggro Rush (Limited)Oxymoron Japan Germany257 148002020-05-05
Japan FM Suicidestabro Japan Germany225 042002020-05-06
Infantry Blitz FM Standard/Limited Deckhy286 Japan USA242 051602020-05-06
Field Marshall Germany Deck control.shao Germany USA602 0164422020-05-07
Ural Factories Pro Deckscottsjive Soviet Japan331 0322002020-05-07
Japan Britain FM Deckkiyak1 Japan Britain457 1351612020-05-08
Britain Soviet FM Deckkiyak1 Britain Soviet288 0318002020-05-08
Arty-Focused ControlGringoFury USA Soviet447 238422020-05-09
Benito's Dream v.2Johannes Germany Italy2066 1394852020-06-06
High Stress FatigueLtDan Japan France474 1217202020-05-10
(Air Combo/Midrange deck) The good ol' pin n' slapShadySquid Japan Britain423 1187202020-05-12
USSR & UK, control the field with artilleryArmageddon Soviet Britain438 093602020-05-10
Cheap WavesSpatulefurtive Japan Soviet127 0124802020-05-10
All Out Blitz (FM)Twenty2s Soviet Germany371 1126002020-05-10
The ultimate Infantry deckDaniel Gaming USA Britain375 1312002020-05-11
Allemagne-Russie MARECHAL Mai 2020 ControleJujax Germany Soviet426 3308442020-05-11
Japan Deck 1twitch.tv/banxygaming Japan Germany153 051602020-05-11
Broken tokensNonGMOSalt Soviet USA641 5240012020-05-11
Britain/USA Air DeckOptimistic Doomsayer Britain USA619 3424802020-05-14
Meme In ProgressTaserDonut Japan Britain161 0169202020-05-23
USA Control FMPetit_Poney USA Japan691 446822020-05-13
JAP Control FMPetit_Poney Japan USA248 075602020-05-13
Soviet Control FMPetit_Poney Soviet USA226 0135602020-05-13
Soviet Deck 2awakengod Soviet Japan149 079202020-05-13
SV/GE MIDRANGEBest Sakuya NA Soviet Germany215 0451202020-05-13
GE/JP AGGROBest Sakuya NA Germany Japan256 0277202020-05-13
US/UK RAMPBest Sakuya NA USA Britain323 0300002020-05-13
US/IT AGGROBest Sakuya NA USA Italy209 096002020-05-13
Support LineZabuzahak1 USA Soviet138 044402020-05-13
1st FM GER/USARyguy Germany USA248 0165602020-05-14
USA Midrange V.1.1knooneknows USA Germany247 051602020-05-14
Special RelationshipJoJo Johanssen USA Britain189 0130802020-05-14
Germany Rush FMkarlyung Germany Japan270 186402020-05-14
Stallawakengod Soviet Japan147 080402020-05-14
Noviceg0rr0 Soviet Britain194 044402020-05-15
Japan Deck 2awakengod Japan Soviet117 079202020-05-15
Major power: BritainG.A.Arts (Twitch) Britain USA170 037202020-05-16
Budget Field Marshal deck, UK/US control/airflyingfisch Britain USA273 057602020-05-21
BlitzkriegerBrah Germany Japan346 170812020-05-16
Vu-vu-vu OTKWorstFriend Soviet USA242 0214802020-05-16
discardthrowing8smokes Soviet USA174 024002020-05-16
Sammelstelles Resisstance DeckDarkness Britain France917 2405602020-05-16
Ladder I GuessBadDecisionDino Soviet USA202 176802020-05-17
"Ladder I Guess" True Pauper VariantBadDecisionDino Soviet USA188 037202020-05-17
Low Cost Deck for Field Marshal, just standard and limited cards.Havell Britain USA222 050002020-05-17
Field marshall US go homeTotorlenoir USA Germany232 0366802020-05-17
Smorc (Field Marshall)calavera Japan Germany218 1211202020-05-18
Non-targetable Frontline - FM Deckhy286 USA Germany219 0218402020-05-18
IvanJap Rushgaxsax Soviet Japan242 066802020-05-19
GB Control FMPetit_Poney Britain Japan308 2170432020-05-19
Field Marshal May 2020 Budget Deck. TheDieIsCast Britain Soviet334 073202020-05-19
The Car Accident You Can't Look Away FromBadDecisionDino Britain Germany348 0248402020-05-19
FM hold the linehermanbewormin USA Germany180 086402020-05-19
Steffan (Random Name)GlitchingBread Britain Soviet111 03202020-05-19
RedSauceBadDecisionDino Soviet Italy294 0157202020-06-12
My First Field MarshalKorbendalas USA Soviet174 037202020-05-20
Burnie Germans (May Budget FM Deck)TaserDonut Japan Germany305 0129602020-05-20
Davai, Putin, VodkaSizlak Soviet USA221 2147602020-05-20
US/Japan Frontlinesnefru USA Japan176 0136802020-05-20
KARDS How-to: Your first Competitive USA Deck | USA Naval SupportGamerMengel USA Britain627 249212020-05-24
Burning Rifles (Danger - Meme Ahead)TaserDonut Soviet Japan291 2175202020-05-21
The Devil's Delight | Nasty little piece of work - FM verified Ryguy Japan Germany664 6273622020-05-25
GB ControlOda Germany Britain371 2183602020-05-22
Pin to DeathFigglewig Britain Japan306 09202020-05-22
Midrange Alpine - FMhy286 Germany Italy393 0282002020-05-22
Japan Pinkotasu Japan Britain434 1194422020-10-08
UberControlFlanker692 Japan France364 0206402020-05-23
Field Marshal deck tt31116 Germany Soviet219 0128402020-06-01
US/UK Budget Field Marshal deckflyingfisch USA Britain287 251612020-05-23
Order of JapanSolsticeTheTechMarine Japan Britain469 2126002020-05-24
USA/Italy aggro speed deck.Luckyspike USA Italy267 1176402020-05-24
Italian Retreataurant (No-Elites)Oxymoron USA Italy684 490002020-07-06
Field Marshal deck no costHypersion Britain USA334 039602020-05-25
Matamata TeaAlienDogStar Japan Britain190 1135602020-05-25
Air BlitzOxymoron Germany Japan189 1237602020-07-16
AirstormOxymoron Britain Soviet488 3244812020-07-03
Big navalhagivankliffersonSdO@hotmail.com Germany Soviet136 0186002020-05-25
Germany-soviet FUZEtea Germany Soviet162 1114002020-05-25
Slow Death - Beginner to Mid deck - Field Marshal achievedTavitin Britain Japan609 3114002020-05-26
Pablisimo's Sticky FingersThe_Alaskan Britain Japan281 2153602020-05-26
War of Attritionjackbohlen Britain France401 163602020-05-27
German MidrangeTheChoice Germany Japan370 1428402020-05-26
Soviet SpamShockwave750 Soviet USA280 170802020-05-26
Cheap Retreat USA decksrkoner USA Germany364 350402020-05-26
Artillery FM (Updated)killswitch USA Soviet720 243202020-06-14
American Blitzlordofkaranda USA Italy183 2127202020-05-28
USA Deck 3PeidoFulminante USA Japan167 0238802020-05-28
Full StandardPELLQ Britain Germany239 031202020-05-28
Modern Warfaredelphium USA Italy210 0129602020-05-29
FM may cheap SOV Juggernaut decksrkoner Soviet Germany652 561242020-05-29
F2P speed run Field Marshal deckSpooz_Twitch Germany Japan674 242002020-05-30
Deck Japon 3Petit_Poney Japan Britain154 0177602020-05-29
JAP starter deck to FMSovietSystem Japan Germany133 050402020-05-30
Friends in high placesEl Chickenrice Britain USA443 3451202020-05-30
German deck 1Petit_Poney Germany Japan194 2184802020-05-31
German deck 2Petit_Poney Germany Japan233 1439202020-05-31
FM Japantwitch.tv/banxygaming Japan Germany265 254022020-06-01
Cheap Brit deck for reach FMsrkoner Britain Soviet331 290822020-06-01
2mind attackSir Bablo$ Britain Soviet276 1123612020-06-03
British TaxesTheChoice Britain Japan637 1423612020-06-03
Airggro June patchsnefru Britain Germany486 1286802020-06-03
Major power: BritainPetit_Poney Britain France473 2340802020-06-03
Japan Blitzenomiel Japan Germany700 166042020-06-03
FIRST DECKGibraltar20 Britain Soviet189 034802020-06-03
Japs and Soviets v2Johannes Japan Soviet196 075602020-06-04
US FM Deck June 2020 (US/GE FRONTLINE)Best Sakuya NA USA Germany1117 4129612020-06-05
German-French ORDERSocelotbabu Germany France374 1289202020-06-05
win in early game (7 or 8 kredits)pyztacho Japan France964 466012020-06-05
Brit Jap Budget Airtime_ghoul Britain Japan1714 558832020-06-05
Soviet wavesSpatulefurtive Soviet USA252 0180002020-06-05
Ja-Soviet Rush Deck (90% WR - FM for Japan)MAJORHIGH Japan Soviet1036 456422020-06-06
June-20 BudgetHypersion Japan Germany362 151602020-06-06
Tokens (Elite)Oxymoron Soviet USA377 1180002020-06-25
June Field Marshal deck - SovietSpooz_Twitch Soviet Germany1722 6444012020-06-06
Britain Deck 1twitch.tv/banxygaming Britain Soviet200 0109202020-06-07
germany italyPetit_Poney Germany Italy227 0205202020-06-07
British Intelligence - Control deckSiegmund Britain Germany393 092402020-06-07
Pacific Pasta (Half Meme Series #1)TaserDonut Japan Italy271 0154802020-06-07
Jap/usa aggroRyguy Japan USA298 1266402020-06-07
Germany - SovietSamaelSlow Germany Soviet184 0159602020-06-07
balanced deck twitch.tv/banxygaming Soviet USA439 3129602020-06-07
Germany Trying new deck for balancetwitch.tv/banxygaming Germany Germany220 0134402020-06-07
Gerussia Deck: German/Soviet Aggro Rush (Guard Breaker, Plane and Bomber Crusher)MAJORHIGH Germany Soviet1278 444442020-06-07
Soviet - BritainSamaelSlow Soviet Britain487 058802020-06-08
Alpine AssaultBow_ Germany Italy408 0261602020-09-17
AxisBadPritt Germany Japan288 1187202020-06-09
Soviet Deck 1django Soviet Britain280 034812020-06-09
GE/US FRONTLINE (June 10th 2020)Best Sakuya NA Germany USA1036 2332402020-06-10
OC top 1 soviet token (june)pad Soviet USA1771 9159622020-06-20
Japan Ger Control - FM 80%-90% WRwhocares Japan Germany1355 1243612020-06-11
AmeriDeitsch - first USA FM achievedTavitin USA Germany182 0132002020-06-12
A Nice Cup of EarlAnfauglir Britain Soviet197 044402020-07-08
PacificSkiesBadDecisionDino USA Japan227 0198002020-06-13
British FIELD MARSHAL DeckGibraltar20 Britain Soviet1095 343232020-06-15
Fast Heinz...BadPritt Germany Japan242 0116402020-06-15
red storm pusidestroyer66 Soviet Japan291 048002020-06-16
Combo Hurricane Decktwitch.tv/banxygaming Britain Soviet392 1158422020-06-18
Primo Economia (Half Meme #2)TaserDonut USA Germany273 0186002020-06-16
Britain Deck 4twitch.tv/banxygaming Britain Soviet180 043202020-06-16
USSR-FranceArhiholy Soviet France230 1148812020-06-25
KakugoEl Chickenrice Soviet Germany199 0303602020-06-17
Japan Easy FMDoomcontrol Japan Soviet263 040802020-06-17
Lightning HeinzOxymoron Germany Soviet239 1264402020-07-16
Uraa to victory!Fest_mkiv Soviet USA347 0134402020-06-22
German/Soviet Draft 19th June 2020PurpleNips Germany Soviet152 0116402020-06-19
USA RampShockwave750 USA Japan191 1169202020-06-19
USA / RUSSIA FM Castle Bravo USA Soviet177 182002020-06-20
Britain Deck 3BadPritt Britain Soviet130 1106842020-06-20
BrTaurus Britain USA100 091202020-06-21
%%24|100i081S7P881Q06;097H0x991F1t;170p1i8V1g;1nAmirlan Britain Soviet102 050402020-06-21
Germany Deck 1Doomcontrol Germany USA98 0105602020-06-22
Germany Deck 1Doomcontrol Germany USA120 0105602020-06-22
Cheap Russ/BritBanana_Deity Soviet Britain221 052802020-06-22
Britain/USA Deck that got me to FM before entering OCPurpleNips Britain USA574 0151222020-06-22
Germany/USA Deck got me to FM before OCPurpleNips Germany USA366 0112802020-06-22
Soviet/Germany got me to FM before OCPurpleNips Soviet Germany272 0224402020-06-22
Japan/USA got me to FM AFTER entering OCPurpleNips Japan USA252 0210002020-06-22
USA/Germany got me to FM AFTER enter OCPurpleNips USA Germany262 0156002020-06-22
jokemaga Britain Soviet109 0138002020-06-22
Britain/Italy Deck - Cheap & Fast - Work In ProgressT0M Britain Italy280 144412020-06-23
yes_2Banana_Deity Britain Soviet93 054002020-06-23
Ghost divisionTheFrenchHolyTemplar Germany Soviet222 1154802020-06-23
Burning SunBadPritt Britain Japan182 0115202020-06-23
US Germany Mid-Range controlMaster_Chief69 USA Germany146 0163602020-06-24
Germany Zero 2200 elodelphium Germany Japan274 1293202020-06-24
Air Superiority TheDevil'sAHandsomeMan USA Britain2236 73924122020-07-03
test brit jap airBayashday Britain Japan201 163612020-06-24
Spirit of Rome Aggroslacker Japan Italy167 0122412020-06-24
Katy Proc Easy FMtheonlybeanz USA Soviet180 043202020-06-24
YouSaidPressButton?delphium Soviet Germany180 0444402020-06-24
Do you want to win?delphium Soviet USA260 0300402020-06-24
Soviet StormShockwave750 Soviet Japan462 245612020-06-25
Britain control (screw britain)Shockwave750 Britain Soviet172 1133202020-06-25
Japan AggroShockwave750 Japan Soviet165 291212020-06-25
Invading Polanddelphium Germany Soviet188 0247602020-06-25
CommandoOxymoron Britain Soviet215 0241202020-06-30
USA jap artil tempoJowser USA Japan165 0108002020-06-25
USA ControlPetit_Poney USA Britain243 0366002020-06-25
Britain control Air Force Mysu Britain Soviet195 0138002020-06-25
USA blitzDziker USA Japan197 0160802020-06-25
Oriental ExpressKTO-TO Japan Soviet310 245602020-06-26
big boisshumba Britain Soviet163 1115202020-06-27
[Germany] AUTOKANONE COMBO DECK (FM)onecash1 Germany Soviet301 2190002020-06-27
Ez FM Deckmattie_boi_1337 Britain USA309 057612020-06-27
UNHOLY - PRUSSIAAdler1990 Soviet Germany226 0105602020-06-28
USA WokJamesPatterson USA Japan152 0121202020-06-29
Weird deckCake Legion Germany Soviet453 054002020-06-30
?????? — ?????? 1katyasagun@mail.ru Japan France265 1106802020-06-30
jap italkatyasagun@mail.ru Japan Italy286 1102002020-06-30
NEW* RAF Bomber Cmnd.HazelLatte Britain USA825 3504022020-07-01
German Startercristianodebrum Germany USA197 137202020-07-12
Britain Startercristianodebrum Britain Soviet117 234802020-07-12
Soviet Startercristianodebrum Soviet Germany155 134802020-07-12
USA Startercristianodebrum USA Japan231 134802020-07-01
Japan Startercristianodebrum Japan Britain206 236002020-07-01
My First Deck for few cards low priceNemesis_Gryphus1 USA Soviet192 0112802020-07-02
britisitalikatyasagun@mail.ru Britain Italy175 079202020-07-02
tykatyasagun@mail.ru Britain Italy162 079202020-07-02
Budget Brit FM Air Blitzwinman82 Britain Soviet667 1118822020-07-02
Ger/US ExploitIsenberg Germany USA964 2324002020-07-02
BRI/USA DELIVERYtoby_dak Britain USA217 0472802020-07-03
HQ Demoliton JAP-GER v2terrentino150 Japan Germany290 080442020-07-03
Royal CommandosDudarpg Britain USA1555 6322812020-07-06
The War MachineDudarpg USA Britain864 4380402020-07-04
Last Rites Honey Drawcristianodebrum Japan Britain528 1153602020-07-07
Jap/US midrange FMgorichan505 Japan USA218 0163202020-07-04
Red Storm TOWterrentino150 Soviet Japan293 1144002020-07-05
USA Deck 2Gabrielzinho USA Italy104 039602020-07-05
Cheap American-Italian rush deckGabrielzinho USA Italy403 339602020-07-05
German Italian Panzer BlitzElcura Germany Italy299 195202020-07-05
German Italian Panzer BlitzElcura Germany Italy269 078002020-07-05
SOVITAIN DECK - Big/Buffed Guard with RemovalMAJORHIGH Soviet Britain365 066002020-07-05
Reich BlitzkriegDudarpg Germany USA779 2306002020-07-05
United Kingdom Budget - FM 80% winrateAdemir Britain Soviet1269 2106802020-07-06
Germany Deck 1Eljeffe281 Germany Soviet112 0102002020-07-06
Marder OTKTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan USA Germany425 1198052020-07-06
FM Japan /Germany aggro ( cheap )pad Japan Germany306 172002020-07-07
Ger/Sov midrangeSynomuumi Germany Soviet94 0102002020-07-06
USA/JAP no elites FMcebrian USA Japan221 081602020-07-06
Great Patriotic War OTKTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Soviet Germany319 0423622020-07-06
CommonWealthTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Britain Germany368 1511202020-07-07
meme deckTheFrenchHolyTemplar Soviet USA191 0181232020-07-07
Budget Soviet FMwinman82 Soviet USA402 198402020-07-07
FM Budget Germany New Style Baby Deck mixed with Blitzkriegwinman82 Germany Soviet379 182812020-07-07
Jreacher FM deckJReacher Japan Soviet292 1168022020-07-07
Budget FM US: multi way to win :)winman82 USA Soviet817 497252020-07-08
Ural Factories GaloreTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Soviet USA540 2525612020-07-13
Rommel's PursuitDudarpg Germany Japan772 2308412020-07-08
UK + USA AirPeidoFulminante Britain USA165 0346802020-07-08
Soviet TokensTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Soviet USA731 5225622020-07-08
Brit + EUA Air Bomber EscortPeidoFulminante Britain USA189 0346802020-07-08
German Midrange ControlTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Germany Japan846 3387622020-07-13
RuleBritanniaTaurus Britain Soviet183 0187202020-07-08
Chipscjkaddy Soviet USA127 1122402020-07-08
Russian/US ARtycjkaddy Soviet USA251 0116402020-07-08
US/Ger bouncegorichan505 USA Germany177 0133202020-07-08
USA/JAP THEATERSGibraltar20 USA Japan100 0128402020-07-09
Ural Sacrificexploring Soviet Japan184 0283202020-07-10
Cheap SU/US removalVolka Soviet USA237 045602020-07-12
3days FM desktt31116 Britain USA485 1356402020-07-12
Finally got Fm with JapanHypersion Japan Soviet207 150402020-07-11
July field marshalHypersion Germany USA243 0102002020-07-11
Germany Baby Deck - July 2020 editionIsenberg Germany Soviet745 282812020-07-17
Japan/USA MidrangeTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Japan USA277 0382802020-07-12
German/Soviet MidrangeTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Germany Soviet259 1376802020-07-13
Nations Cup Winning TokensNonGMOSalt Soviet USA2008 7301232020-07-12
Reserves!RedMan Soviet Japan140 099602020-07-13
Reserves (one more var)RedMan Soviet Britain151 094802020-07-13
Tony Ramp OTKTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Japan USA556 2406802020-07-13
Japanese US aggroTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Japan USA413 1444012020-07-13
Too Fast For YouTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Germany Italy491 1330002020-07-16
1st Rifles Legion (tons of healing with infinite 1st rifles & good draw)KenseiOtaku Soviet Britain461 1283202020-07-13
[FM]Royal Soviet - 07-2020Petitrudy[BE] Soviet Britain223 0343202020-07-13
{FM}-Mid controlPetitrudy[BE] USA Germany150 0236402020-07-13
Open Deck1cristianodebrum Soviet USA181 2142802020-07-14
Open Deck2cristianodebrum Japan Britain115 1152402020-07-14
Versatile and cheap USA deckaightbro USA Germany110 0111602020-07-15
german tournamnt listSexual_Harrasm_Panda//Pvt.Paul Germany USA224 0195202020-07-15
UDSSR tournament listSexual_Harrasm_Panda//Pvt.Paul Soviet USA284 0142012020-07-15
Budget Brit Air FM v2.0winman82 Britain Japan656 394822020-07-15
Aggressive Air controlTheDevil'sAHandsomeMan Britain Japan1078 5320412020-07-15
Open Deck3cristianodebrum USA Soviet99 1201602020-07-16
Literally Dyingthe_advocator Britain Soviet116 034402020-07-16
Bad Touchesthe_advocator Germany Japan141 054402020-07-17
Soviet Mobilize Cheeseredsawdom Soviet France290 0116402020-07-17
MericansDatOneDBoi USA Soviet94 051602020-07-17
Jetpanyufzsy Japan USA144 0369602020-09-16
Late USSR + Britainxareh Soviet Britain113 0144002020-07-18
Rush Japan + USSRxareh Japan Soviet98 0164402020-07-18
Disgusting Britainxareh Britain USA138 0163202020-07-18
UK May FMThe Matori Britain Soviet108 052802020-07-18
Soviet - British Mass & Buff Infantry DeckHerman the German Soviet Britain214 170802020-07-18
British & Soviet Buff & Strike DeckHerman the German Britain Soviet149 1106802020-07-18
GER/ITA deckrocksopimppo Germany Italy138 0194402020-07-18
BripainOfficialPalTheSt Britain Japan85 038402020-07-19
SojapanOfficialPalTheSt Soviet Japan103 070802020-07-19
Hafu-ShinigamiOfficialPalTheSt Japan Britain100 099602020-07-19
soviet/usaforeverlimon Soviet USA115 0205202020-07-19
USA/Britainforeverlimon USA Britain89 0206402020-07-19
Britain/Japanforeverlimon Britain Japan87 0193202020-07-19
OPHyoVazel Britain Soviet137 0115202020-07-19
GET REKTHyoVazel Soviet Britain129 0148802020-07-19
REKTHyoVazel USA Germany84 0103202020-07-19
Fast Heinz!AriBigBehn Germany USA1984 11289262020-07-19
CommonwealthAriBigBehn Britain Japan247 0418802020-07-23
R1JSL112 USA Germany92 0187202020-07-19
R2JSL112 Japan Germany83 0220802020-07-19
R3JSL112 Britain France133 0262802020-07-19
US FRONTLINEnafyifekki USA Soviet130 038402020-07-19
MagaHypersion USA Soviet97 0142802020-07-20
Bombarding AtlanticHypersion USA Britain78 0126002020-07-20
Budget JPN Air BlitzHypersion Japan Britain120 058802020-07-20
German middleJohn_Px Germany USA126 0300002020-07-20
USA lateJohn_Px USA Britain99 0253202020-07-20
Britain lateJohn_Px Britain USA90 0256802020-07-20
Britain Japan 1Finnegan Britain Japan115 042002020-07-24
Shaemas USAShaemas USA France129 078402020-07-21
Shaemas GermanShaemas Germany USA88 0174002020-07-21
Shaemas JapanShaemas Japan Britain90 091202020-07-21
Ger-Rus MidRng RemovalAnfauglir Germany Soviet153 082802020-07-21
Brit-Rus MidRngAnfauglir Britain Soviet89 0144002020-07-21
CuppaEarlAnfauglir Britain Soviet93 0115202020-07-21
Soviet Test 1PurpleNips Soviet USA92 0241202020-07-21
USA RETREATkapiszopl USA Germany118 0283202020-07-21
TOKENSkapiszopl Soviet USA103 0142802020-07-21
ALPINEkapiszopl Germany Italy156 0252002020-07-21
Solid fast aggro deckWhthawke66 Japan USA109 0103202020-07-21
RussoBlitz 2.0Evilmunki Germany Soviet95 068402020-07-22
British Soviet aircraftNyantancat Britain Soviet126 0128402020-07-22
Lightning tankNyantancat Germany Italy143 0154802020-07-22
Japan Soviet close combat (improved version) Nyantancat Japan Soviet100 0127202020-07-22
Jap_Ger_RushArminius Japan Germany87 1134402020-07-22
For the Kingskzeman Britain USA105 0499202020-07-22
SHAEFskzeman USA Britain78 0466802020-07-22
SovietRMISE Soviet Japan70 0298802020-07-22
BritainRMISE Britain Japan64 0326402020-07-22
Russo_Japandonigi_MKD Soviet Japan79 045602020-07-22
Imperialists: Britain & Japandonigi_MKD Britain Japan85 048002020-07-22
Enemy Alliance : GER_RUSdonigi_MKD Germany Soviet97 049202020-07-22
Blitzyufzsy Germany USA232 0340802020-09-07
Bufflyyufzsy Britain USA104 0294002020-09-27
ZhukovBartok Soviet Britain90 0108002020-07-22
Japan_ZhukovBartok Japan Britain85 072002020-07-22
USA_ZhukovBartok USA Japan72 073202020-07-22
Lt InfKEV1NJ Soviet USA53 0123602020-07-23
Kings GunsEvilmunki Britain Japan79 064802020-07-23
DDayKEV1NJ USA Britain109 0200402020-07-23
OrdersKEV1NJ Japan Britain70 099602020-07-23
Red DeadSameek Germany Soviet126 040802020-07-23
Día DSameek USA Japan72 052802020-07-23
Kards Open GermanyHazel Germany USA125 0301202020-07-23
Common2 USABirdLaw USA Britain69 091202020-07-23
Japan FungoBirdLaw Japan Britain89 098402020-07-23
DeckSnakii0 Soviet Britain78 058802020-07-23
PrimeEskimoPrime123 Japan Britain92 040802020-07-23
EskimoEskimoPrime123 USA Soviet74 043202020-07-23
Air SuperioritySnakii0 USA Soviet59 0128402020-07-23
ShortieEskimoPrime123 Britain USA84 039602020-07-23
sergei13s#5667seryi13s Britain Japan59 0262802020-07-23
sergei13s#5667seryi13s Britain Japan57 0262802020-07-23
sergei13s#5667seryi13s Britain Japan53 0262802020-07-23
USA & German BlitzBattle2Go USA Germany128 1126002020-07-23
Soviet & Britain Attrition WarfareBattle2Go Soviet Britain195 1176402020-07-23
Japan & USA AggroBattle2Go Japan USA123 1111602020-07-23
Britain & Japan AirstrikeBattle2Go Britain Japan143 1134402020-07-23
German & Soviet Focus FireBattle2Go Germany Soviet127 1168002020-07-23
JapBurremans Japan Britain72 0112802020-07-23
RusBurremans Soviet USA78 0145202020-07-23
USA FrontlinePraetorian USA Soviet73 0116402020-07-23
Axis PowersPraetorian Japan Germany67 062402020-07-23
BritbongPraetorian Britain USA86 0187202020-07-23
usJugador USA Soviet113 0138002020-07-23
juJugador Japan USA103 0205202020-07-23
Mad AggroBirdLaw Soviet Germany183 0199202020-07-23
Avg Jap DeckYouNeedJesus Japan Britain74 0142802020-07-23
Let's Go backYouNeedJesus Germany USA175 0154802020-07-23
Lot of PeopleYouNeedJesus Soviet USA84 093602020-07-23
JGlyn Japan Soviet60 082802020-07-23
UGlyn USA Japan54 0102002020-07-23
GGlyn Germany USA84 088802020-07-23
Commandos kards openCaps04 Britain USA148 0471602020-07-23
Brits Tournament listSexual_Harrasm_Panda//Pvt.Paul Britain USA77 0468002020-07-23
Ger/US Kards openCaps04 Germany USA84 0279602020-07-23
Tournement #1MarviTheMaster Germany USA127 138402020-07-23
Tournement # 2MarviTheMaster Britain Japan91 139602020-07-23
Russian-American version 2Chrisca USA Soviet61 084002020-07-23
#1CoolGuy Manhat USA Germany75 060002020-07-23
Armia NarodaChrisca Soviet USA87 050402020-07-23
Unholy AllianceChrisca Germany Soviet105 058802020-07-23
kards 2pad Germany USA72 0319202020-07-23
kards 3pad Soviet USA180 0159602020-07-23
R4JSL112 Britain Japan70 0313202020-07-23
Japan 1LettuceNoodle Japan Soviet85 098402020-07-23
British LettuceNoodle Britain Soviet86 070802020-07-23
RussiaLettuceNoodle Soviet Japan78 0189602020-07-23
Home Defensekramedogg Britain Soviet76 0106802020-07-23
Japan Airlines (JAL)kramedogg Japan Britain170 048002020-07-23
Eastern Frontkramedogg Soviet Germany154 0103202020-07-23
NiptuckEvilmunki USA Japan71 0115202020-07-23
Infantry fast attackAndy Yang Japan Germany163 0439202020-07-23
D.A.F. v3skzeman Germany USA81 0307202020-07-23
Kards Open- Britain deckDarkMist Britain Germany136 043202020-07-23
Kards Open- USA deckDarkMist USA Germany112 1193202020-07-23
Kards Open- Germany deckDarkMist Germany USA69 0258002020-07-23
Kards open - Dubba RollCristiano Abbud Germany Soviet82 0163202020-07-23
Kards Open - Dubba RollCristiano Abbud USA Britain67 0244802020-07-23
Tea Baggin'Sameek Britain Japan118 063602020-07-23
Kards Open Deck 1NonGMOSalt Soviet USA118 0332402020-07-24
Kards Open Deck 2NonGMOSalt USA Japan152 0206402020-07-24
TomatoMato 1TomatoMato Germany France125 0198002020-07-24
TomatoMato 3TomatoMato Soviet USA183 096002020-07-24
Germany Usa #1Finnegan Germany USA103 042002020-07-24
Jaggro 1Finnegan Japan Germany75 072002020-07-24
Kards Open BritainHazel Britain USA77 0286802020-07-24
Kards Open JapanHazel Japan Germany272 2262802020-07-24
us ramp for tourneyagent182 USA Britain83 0345602020-07-24
brit air for tourneyagent182 Britain Soviet86 0283202020-07-24
german control for tourneyagent182 Germany Britain146 0235202020-07-24
Drogear´s JoyDrogear USA Germany369 1409212020-07-24
Drogear´s DemiseDrogear Germany USA244 0337202020-07-24
Drogear´s DelightDrogear Britain USA223 0405602020-07-24
Am alt aber gutTigerkater USA Japan90 0295202020-07-24
UeberlegenheitTigerkater Soviet USA125 0512402020-07-24
Da great MontyTigerkater Britain USA84 0346802020-07-24
guJugador Germany USA52 0187202020-07-24
US_Ger StandardArminius USA Germany91 0178802020-07-24
SOV_Ger StandardArminius Soviet Germany115 0138002020-07-24
deck for noobs like meJacoob Germany Japan147 056402020-07-24
Drogear´s HopeDrogear Germany USA124 0327602020-07-24
Germanynejccraft9 Germany Soviet51 0128402020-07-24
Sovietnejccraft9 Soviet Britain167 090002020-07-24
Britainnejccraft9 Britain Soviet71 0133202020-07-24
Unholy AllianceCaptain Tchaikovsky Germany Soviet76 0156002020-07-24
American MarquisCaptain Tchaikovsky USA France125 069602020-07-24
Alpinembilo Germany Italy132 0152402020-07-24
50% Win Rate DeckAdrián Soviet USA97 0331202020-07-24
USA1mbilo USA Germany74 0171602020-07-24
50% Win Rate 2Adrián Germany Britain100 0208802020-07-24
50% win rate 3Adrián Britain USA93 0302402020-07-24
Turniej deck 1Kynio Germany Japan81 068402020-07-24
Destroy/Anti aggro deckJonh Rambo USA Britain118 1234002020-07-24
Casino rushRedHoodieMan USA Italy150 1105602020-07-24
Power of GermanyRedHoodieMan Germany Japan180 0316802020-07-24
Great BritainRedHoodieMan Britain Japan100 1332402020-07-24
Burnlolofy44 Germany Japan145 082802020-07-24
Soviet-USAgaga0922 Soviet USA104 0355202020-07-24
Brit USA TournamentPert Britain USA67 0178802020-07-24
Britain-USAgaga0922 Britain USA79 0417602020-07-24
Muricalolofy44 USA Japan72 0140402020-07-24
Jap1mbilo Japan Germany64 073202020-07-24
UK/US Ramp resubmitCaptainA Britain USA73 0374402020-07-24
USA-Britaingaga0922 USA Britain94 0409202020-07-24
US/UK Ramp resubmitCaptainA USA Britain114 0380402020-07-24
Jap Aggro resubmitCaptainA Japan Germany87 0189602020-07-24
UK + USASpaceRunner5 Britain USA68 079202020-07-24
Uk + GermanySpaceRunner5 Britain Germany107 074402020-07-24
Ger/US AggroJotora Germany USA108 0243602020-07-24
US/UK RampJotora USA Britain103 0336002020-07-24
UK/US Britannia RampJotora Britain USA84 0426002020-07-24
GERUS-Xbenc Germany USA68 0268802020-07-24
ALL STARSbenc USA Soviet72 0228002020-07-24
Kards Open #1 - Soviet Union/USARainzone Soviet USA186 0242402020-07-24
Kards Open #1 - Germany/USARainzone Germany USA137 0289202020-07-24
BRUS-Vbenc Britain USA79 0218402020-07-24
Germany Season 16 Field Marshal deck spoozdasolli Germany USA146 0355202020-07-24
Murica and ez claplolofy44 USA Japan71 0133202020-07-24
Kards Open: US-GER Deckfreddie USA Germany105 0213602020-07-25
Deck 1Filpa Germany USA66 0355202020-07-25
Deck 2 Filpa Japan Germany74 0181202020-07-25
Deck 3Filpa USA Britain54 0216002020-07-25
Kards Open: GER-SOVfreddie Germany Soviet104 0108002020-07-25
July Open 1doge34_hs Soviet Germany121 0357602020-07-25
July Open 2doge34_hs Germany USA124 1289202020-07-25
July Open 3doge34_hs Britain Soviet99 0364802020-07-25
Plane in the AssButtCrab12 USA Japan86 0280802020-07-25
Can't youBrofisto USA Germany67 0158402020-07-25
see thatBrofisto Britain Germany74 0122402020-07-25
it's ogreBrofisto Soviet USA93 0260402020-07-25
Yankees + Soviets partylt.blueberry USA Soviet137 0002020-08-29
GER/USA OpenSquareGrouper Germany USA100 0289202020-07-25
JPN/FRA OpenSquareGrouper Japan France182 0110402020-07-25
Jpn_KO_725Skunk Japan USA94 057602020-07-25
UK/USSR OpenSquareGrouper Britain Soviet99 0145202020-07-25
US_KO_725Skunk USA Britain89 087602020-07-25
GB_KO_725Skunk Britain Japan95 046802020-07-25
Mono Japan - BlitzTheStray Japan Soviet93 049202020-07-25
Soviet Deck 1TheStray Soviet Germany119 0116402020-07-25
Feign ?toDIEisGAIN Japan Britain150 0236402020-07-25
High and Lowmonmgs Britain Japan101 0169202020-07-25
Germany/US Ramp?toDIEisGAIN Germany USA107 0289202020-07-25
Open BColdCarl Britain Japan110 0361202020-07-25
CW ?toDIEisGAIN Britain USA86 0319202020-07-25
Open UColdCarl USA Britain97 0379202020-07-25
Japan-Britainbeeman Japan Britain85 084002020-07-25
German-USbeeman Germany USA85 070802020-07-25
open GColdCarl Germany USA79 0279602020-07-25
USSR-Germanybeeman Soviet Germany197 0127202020-07-25
Best deck everhisgardi Germany USA219 042002020-07-25
it was cheap to make and i needed a third deckhisgardi Soviet Britain136 045602020-07-25
i dunno japan has fun cardshisgardi Japan Britain140 069602020-07-25
Honey Nut CheeriosWHEEL3R Britain USA101 0471602020-07-25
Captain CrunchWHEEL3R USA Britain136 0436802020-07-25
Baron von RedberryWHEEL3R Germany Soviet130 0254402020-07-25
Jking7 Open Tourney Deck 2Jking7 Soviet Japan621 3469202020-07-25
Jking7 Open Tourney Deck 3Jking7 Britain USA570 2529202020-07-25
Basic DeckLimitless Beast USA Japan93 038402020-07-25
Britain StarterLimitless Beast Britain Soviet120 034802020-07-25
Jking7 Open Tourney Deck 1Jking7 Germany USA264 1262802020-07-25
Japan StarterLimitless Beast Japan Britain83 036002020-07-25
sovetbatis Soviet Germany161 0394802020-07-25
britbatis Britain USA65 0219602020-07-25
CommandoDarkness Britain Soviet430 2364802020-07-25
HeadacheBashmachok93 Japan Germany195 1176402020-07-25
D1Petit_Poney USA Britain100 0387602020-07-25
D2Petit_Poney Germany USA81 0289202020-07-25
D3Petit_Poney Soviet USA158 0386402020-07-25
Socialist AmericanoSPI0N Soviet USA136 0130802020-07-25
Jap AlpineSPI0N Japan Italy218 0193202020-07-25
ZZ UnionSPI0N Germany Japan129 0159602020-07-25
Budget British Infantry FM (Spooz/Meta/ToW Tweaks)CaptainMob Britain USA331 0124802020-07-26
German tank rush. shao Germany USA168 0264002020-07-26
197 HP Turn 13 Deck (possible)Darkness Britain USA788 3331202020-07-27
CornflakesWHEEL3R Germany France225 3404402020-07-28
German Discard / Controlironyftw Germany Japan428 0204012020-07-28
German discard (top 100 OC season 16)bengui Germany Britain894 3243602020-08-01
Portsmouth Alliance FM for SovietHypersion Soviet Japan258 0222002020-08-01
Kamakazepomdomz Japan Japan136 0196802020-08-02
Blitzcreampomdomz Germany USA174 0141602020-08-02
USApomdomz USA USA79 0130802020-08-02
Pin your bumpomdomz Britain Japan171 0140402020-08-02
Alpine Multioptions Tomac Germany Italy261 0146402020-08-02
Marshall plan August FMHypersion Germany USA484 179202020-08-02
ControlColibri Britain Soviet162 0116402020-08-03
airpowerpomdomz Soviet Britain211 0141602020-08-03
Kards Open 07/2020 US/BRIT Terror_de USA Britain253 2361202020-08-03
Kards Open 07/2020 GER/BRITTerror_de Germany Britain495 4313202020-08-03
britain OPtwitch.tv/banxygaming Britain USA300 0514802020-08-03
pewTomatoMato USA Germany120 0145202020-08-04
Britain Air by ZhangDabiao#3708zhangdabiao#3708 Britain Japan208 0358802020-08-05
cheezy sleazepomdomz Britain Japan175 1120002020-08-05
FM Japan Season 17Darkness Japan USA816 3330012020-08-05
Reich Joint Ops.(anti blitz decks)Dudarpg Germany Japan383 1292802020-08-06
British Improvedpschwalb Britain Japan172 049202020-08-07
Cheap USA/GER Control DeckLordMolidae USA Germany154 093602020-08-07
OrderAOEyufzsy Britain Japan137 0350402020-08-08
OrderSovietyufzsy Britain Soviet264 0318002020-09-06
Anglo-Japanese Air August FMHypersion Britain Japan313 098402020-08-08
Maga August FMHypersion USA Soviet159 0111602020-08-08
OrderUSyufzsy Britain USA169 0382802020-08-20
Katsura-Taft Pact August FMHypersion Japan USA207 2105602020-08-08
Rule BritanniaYpa Britain USA283 1225602020-08-08
Full aggroDarkness USA Soviet687 4123602020-08-09
fast fm1967 Japan Soviet328 150412020-08-10
Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (Soviet-USA Air superiority - FM)kowalski Soviet USA497 3219622020-08-10
Bombarding Atlantic Alliance v2kowalski USA Britain147 1177602020-08-10
Soviet air tuveuxdugateaux Soviet Britain609 6160812020-08-10
VIVE LA RESISTANCE!deavski Germany France363 1235202020-08-12
Field Marshal deck for britainEpsirouamat Britain USA241 0156022020-08-13
Field Marshal deck for USA Epsirouamat USA Britain161 0162002020-08-13
nikedingnikeding Germany Germany78 0002020-08-13
Italo-German AggroARRAVANTI Germany Italy331 0187202020-08-13
Agro Guarddeavski Soviet Britain332 2148802020-08-14
WarProdChainyufzsy Soviet USA240 0339602020-09-15
JP US Yokosuka Aggrokotasu Japan USA192 0231602020-10-16
US/USSR OTKFigglewig USA Soviet99 0295202020-08-15
USFighteryufzsy USA Japan163 1326402020-08-16
US/Britain Field Marshal DeckBarndoorRoge USA Britain128 0103202020-08-15
Soviet/Britain Field Marshal DeckBarndoorRoge Soviet Britain144 0152402020-08-15
Fleet Operationsada101st Japan Germany246 0235202020-08-15
Britain Mid-Game easy Competitive Marshall league ravencorp Britain USA436 139612020-08-15
USOriginalyufzsy USA Britain205 0420002020-08-27
JetRampyufzsy Japan USA441 1312002020-10-03
*Red Army* mid-game Easy cheap TOP-100 season 16ravencorp Soviet USA707 240822020-08-17
Cutyufzsy Japan Germany364 1397202020-09-18
Skummy Soviet FM deck 80 percent win ratiotwitch.tv/banxygaming Soviet Japan277 0246002020-08-18
American Buffs and Theaters (only US)YourTImeISOver USA France248 1141602020-08-19
Top 100 Soviet/US RampUSARunning Soviet USA461 0204002020-08-19
ArtilleryColibri USA Germany117 1104402020-08-19
Pursuit DERNGek Germany USA189 0302402020-08-19
Snooginz#1745 SOVIET/BRITAINSnooginz Soviet Britain174 044402020-08-20
American PressurFlorian.Schulmerich USA Germany107 0002020-08-22
Edelweisschanning Germany Italy364 0320402020-10-10
Katyusha (do not play this deck)Colibri Soviet USA227 0151202020-08-23
American Ramp FMJohannes USA Britain230 1379202020-08-26
OrderControlyufzsy Britain USA190 0382802020-08-26
Italian Retreataurant (M8 variant)Oxymoron USA Italy178 0194402020-08-26
japan deckrocksopimppo Japan Germany71 0122402020-08-28
british/japan deckrocksopimppo Britain Japan154 0136802020-08-28
soviet/japan deckrocksopimppo Soviet Japan147 0142802020-08-28
USA Improvedpschwalb USA Germany98 050402020-08-30
Soviet Improvedpschwalb Soviet Germany157 0111602020-08-30
K LEAUGE / JAPANSS_CrusaderGlory Japan Germany98 054002020-08-30
K LEAUGE / SOVIETSS_CrusaderGlory Soviet USA136 1146402020-08-30
K LEAUGE / BRITAINSS_CrusaderGlory Britain USA171 0159602020-08-30
K LEAUGE / USASS_CrusaderGlory USA Soviet88 094802020-08-30
Sk1091#1648 Germany/USA W2sk1091 Germany USA117 0002020-09-07
K League Week 1 USA | Britainpetriachor2 USA Britain124 0290402020-09-07
K League Week 1 Britain | Sovietpetriachor2 Britain Soviet178 0332402020-09-07
K League Week 1 Japan | Germanypetriachor2 Japan Germany95 0132002020-09-07
K League Week 1 Soviet | USpetriachor2 Soviet USA217 0250802020-09-07
ussrFearlessFreep Soviet USA130 0169202020-08-31
OsakaRamenyufzsy Japan USA247 1415202020-09-27
Diskardlon3wulf1 Germany Japan334 1224402020-08-31
Commandoslon3wulf1 Britain USA241 1308402020-08-31
just aggro ncenttan Japan Germany243 091202020-09-01
RampsistanceWHEEL3R USA France240 0370802020-09-01
Spooz Britian USApschwalb Britain USA295 051602020-09-01
kumashin76kumashin76 Germany Germany83 0002020-09-01
Red fightMatyCOo Britain Soviet374 0255602020-09-02
Ultimate U.S Control (no-Elites version)AbdunPak USA Britain770 3120002020-09-03
sewhoi Germany USA105 0002020-09-03
Betty Aggrosnefru Japan USA441 0259202020-09-03
Marshall Plan Germany Fm September 2020Hypersion Germany USA520 079202020-09-04
Lansdowne Alliance British Air FM September 2020Hypersion Britain Japan657 098402020-09-04
Betty Aggro USsnefru USA Japan200 0176402020-09-05
KO Which old Witch?Zanderson Soviet Britain307 0501602020-09-05
BigBehn's Big GunsZanderson Germany USA289 0424802020-09-06
GerminiRampyufzsy Germany USA250 0337202020-09-06
BUCKY_K-LEAGUE/Week2BUCKY Japan Germany165 1112802020-09-06
BUCKY_K-LEAGUE/Week2BUCKY Soviet USA141 0234002020-09-06
BUCKY_K-LEAGUE/Week2BUCKY USA Germany124 0158402020-09-06
BUCKY_K-LEAGUE/Week2BUCKY Britain USA190 0133202020-09-06
usa maybePhazerkid1 USA Japan84 1189602020-09-07
Japan Germany K-league week 2fakutya Japan Germany322 0351602020-09-07
Phazerkid Usa KL week2Phazerkid1 USA Japan115 0177602020-09-07
Snooginz#1745 BRITAIN/USA Week 2Snooginz Britain USA377 0140412020-09-07
Snooginz#1745 GERMANY/JAPAN Week 2Snooginz Germany Japan279 055202020-09-07
Snooginz#1745 JAPAN/GERMANY Week 2Snooginz Japan Germany206 076802020-09-07
Snooginz#1745 USA/ITALY Week 2Snooginz USA Italy396 242032020-09-07
Snooginz#1745 SOVIET/USA Week 2Snooginz Soviet USA312 0129602020-09-07
Pact of Steel Japan September 2020 FMHypersion Germany Germany216 1002020-09-07
Pact of Steel Japan September 2020 FMHypersion Japan Germany591 063602020-09-07
ez fm sovietkiyak Soviet USA436 0543602020-09-14
FullKardsForUyufzsy USA France264 0310802020-10-05
ScorchedRampyufzsy Soviet USA262 0388802020-09-16
Japan British Airaightbro Japan Britain548 2176402020-09-16
URA!Bow_ Soviet USA273 0224402020-09-17
FM Soviet + British Controlbrienoconan Soviet Britain224 0547202020-09-18
RAF Bombers sk1091 Britain USA169 0249612020-09-18
American/German Controlsk1091 USA Germany165 0294002020-09-18
Sweet Ocean Air (Japan - British)Mysterious Stranger Japan Britain157 1310802020-09-18
HQ THICCJack He Britain Soviet167 0002020-09-18
Sovereign Control (British / US )Mysterious Stranger Britain USA414 2322802020-09-19
SU/UK FM S18 DeckBarndoorRoge Soviet Britain252 0199202020-09-20
British Germanpschwalb Britain Germany228 0136802020-09-21
JP Pin Air Mailkotasu Japan Britain269 0195602020-10-05
GER/JPN Aggro - Budget, Reached FM Twice [Updated for Season 18]Sinlike Germany Japan671 2116402020-10-03
USA FM Funny deckMysu USA Italy175 0201602020-09-25
Singleton deckrocksopimppo Soviet Germany134 0250802020-09-25
French Baby Busterbrienoconan Germany Japan278 1349202020-09-29
BRIT/SOV Midrange - Budget, Reached FM Twice [Updated for Season 18] {Thanks Dynamo! <3}Sinlike Britain Soviet367 099602020-10-04
Secret Deadbeatwhoizchase Germany Germany92 0002020-10-01
Maga October FMHypersion USA Soviet154 0111602020-10-02
Fast Heinz Revisitedchanning Germany Japan398 2391202020-10-25
Heinzyufzsy Germany Japan180 1343202020-10-05
USRamenyufzsy USA Japan238 1373202020-10-05
Bomber CommandHypersion Britain Japan270 1156012020-10-05
JP USSR Yokosuka Aggrokotasu Japan Soviet120 1206422020-10-12
JP UK Yokosuka Aggrokotasu Japan Britain181 0268802020-10-05
testMagikStyle Britain France50 0002020-10-05
ForTheQueenyufzsy Britain Japan294 0258002020-10-05
Demoraliser RevisedGandhi Britain Japan215 0338402020-10-14
FM S19 Budget Hybrid Aggro Tempo BurnNEgative Japan Germany91 0117602020-10-15
Japan AggroColdCarl Japan Germany303 2259202020-10-15
Soviet-British Guards Stand FastHusker Soviet Britain163 0122402020-10-17