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How to Build Up Your Collection (and What to Craft)

2020-02-11 by Scientiavore

In this section of the guide I will be discussing how to best grow your collection and what to craft to quickly become competitive on the ladder.  

Kards Ultimate Guide (Introduction)

2020-02-10 by Scientiavore

I'm working on a guide for Kards!

Card Creation Competition Winners!

2020-01-07 by (Arm)_Paladin

Here's the winners for our first Card Creation Competition! 

Card Creation Competition!

2019-12-13 by (Arm)_Paladin

We're holding a Card Creation Competition, see how you can enter and win packs and gold!


2019-12-08 by Isenberg

Today, we're going to do a short interview of youtube content creator ...

An interview with Cybernetic.

2019-12-08 by AlveraMistressofLight

An interview with cybernetic about today's events and an interesting look on the competitive world of Kards!

New Cards and Mechanics Revealed on Dec 5th and 6th

2019-12-07 by FunPolice

A lot of very powerful cards have been revealed in the past 2 days alongside several of the mechanics for France and Italy.

New Cards Revealed on Dec 4th

2019-12-05 by FunPolice

Today we recieved a new cycle of limited cards all related to adding a specific card to your hand alongside a new powerful looking elite!

New British Elite Card Revealed - Royal Ulster Rifles

2019-12-02 by Isenberg

Today we got to see an insanely strong new card by Baby : Royal Ulster Rifles. Needless to say that this card will be a CW killer, and really good versus aggro decks with strong 7HP. A must craft for all the British control decks players.

Exclusive Card Reveal : Char B1 Bis

2019-12-02 by Isenberg

Today, an exclusive card reveal on ! Char B1 bis : a 4/4 tank unit, Special rarity, Heavy Armor 2 with a new keyword : Mobilize. As you probably already noticed, this card belongs to a new support nation : France ! Vive la France !

New Card Reveal from Vimesey

2019-12-01 by AlveraMistressofLight

Be sure to check out his twitch channel at

New USA Limited Card Revealed - 1st Marines

2019-11-30 by Isenberg

Matty just revealed a new Allegiance Limited card: 1st Marines . Check out Matty's channel for more Kards content :

Upcoming card reveal !

2019-11-28 by Isenberg

A new card will be revealed on this website in a few days. Will we finally know what are the 2 new support nations ? Is it going to be France as the hints previously suggested it ? Stay tuned for that exciting revelation  !