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Card ratings for Breakthrough

2020-12-08 by FunPolice

My ratings for all 81 new cards coming from Breakthrough!

Theaters of War : Ranking, draft and constructed for Allies

2020-10-14 by Isenberg

Here is the second part of the Theaters of War expansion analysis. In this guide, you'll find the review of each allies nations cards for the constructed and draft mode.

Disclaimer : This guide was written before the last balance patch. However, most of the analysis is still relevant.  

Theaters of War expansion crafting guide

2020-09-10 by Isenberg

Theaters of War expansion released at the end of June is craftable since the recent patch. It has had its impact both on the draft and ladder metagames, introducing some good cards, changing the overall pool of cards and more or less shifting each nation's power level

The K-league is back !

2020-08-12 by Isenberg

Hello Kards enthusiasts!

My name’s Rydekk. Founder and one of the organizers of the K-league!

A few months ago, the K-league had its first, small scale tournament and completed it with success. Our format of the group stage, followed by double elimination allowed us to see what we could improve upon. And having evaluated this, it’s time for our humble competition to grow bold.

Starting September, the K-league makes its grand re-entrance into the competitive scene!

Fixing France 2 - Mobilize

2020-08-11 by FunPolice

My second article to rework the whole of France. This time we tackle the mobilize keyword!

Fixing France 1 - Resistance

2020-08-02 by FunPolice

My attempt to rework Resistance into a less annoying mechanic

New Kards expansion : Gambles of War (fanmade)

2020-07-27 by Isenberg

Welcome to the early years of the war, where chaos and wild ideas were abundant. With Germany blowing through defenses like a leafblower and USA being dragged into a war that didn't include oil, the second World War was well underway.

The ultimate draft guide - Part 2

2020-07-18 by Isenberg

The first part of the KARDS draft guide was focused mostly on general things. The second one goes into the detail: we’ll cover nation and ally pick, best cards, sample decks and gameplay tips. Let’s get it started.

Theatres of War: Card Reveals for Day 7 (ALL REMAINING CARDS NOW SHOWN)

2020-06-30 by FunPolice

With the expansion so close the remaining cards from Theatres of War have been dropped!

NEW EXCLUSIVE CARD REVEAL + Theatres of War: Card Reveals for Day 4, 5, 6

2020-06-29 by FunPolice

A new card is being revealed by us at PlayKards alongside reviews of the cards revealed over the last 3 days!

Cards You Should Be Playing 9: Japanese Special and Elite

2020-06-28 by FunPolice

The penultimate article to this long running series!

The ultimate draft guide

2020-06-26 by Isenberg

Hello, this article was written by doge34 and this is KARDS draft guide for all the players who want to step up their performance in this game mode. I tried to balance this article so that both new and experienced players could benefit from it. 

Theatres of War: Card Reveals for Day 1, 2, and 3

2020-06-25 by FunPolice

4 more elites and 5 infantry have been revealed to come with Theaters of War!

New Single Player Content Annouced + New cards revealed!

2020-06-18 by FunPolice

The first look at the new singler player content Theatres of War! We also have 5 elites that have been revealed!

Card Creation Competition 2.0 Winners!

2020-06-15 by (Arm)_Paladin

Let's take a look at our winners! 

Cards You Should Be Playing 8: Japanese Standard and Limited

2020-06-08 by FunPolice

After to long a hiatus we creep ever closer to the final article in this series

Welcome to the new Card Creation Competition, May 2020 edition!

2020-05-20 by (Arm)_Paladin

We're holding a Card Creation Competition, see how you can enter to win packs and gold!

Cards You Should Be Playing 7: British Special and Elite

2020-05-03 by FunPolice

The end is drawing near for this series and Britain finishes strong with 10 cards that you can practically run in any deck!

Cards You Should Be Playing 6: British Standard and Limited

2020-04-22 by FunPolice

Today we look at a variety of very solid and general tools that a lot of decks can get use out of.

Cards You Should Be Playing 5: Soviet Union Special and Elite

2020-04-14 by FunPolice

A look at Soviet specials and elites! (Spoiler there are a lot of extremely powerful elites)

Cards You Should Be Playing 4: Soviet Union Standard and Limited

2020-04-06 by FunPolice

This week we jump into the Soviet Union which has some insanely powerful cards that go into anything that has the Soviet Union, cards that enable an entire archtype, and some other just solid cards!

Cards You Should Be Playing 3: USA All Rarities

2020-03-30 by FunPolice

Long overdue, the Cards You Should Be Playing series is back with a mega article covering a whooping 20+ cards of all rarities from the USA!

Cards You Should Be Playing 2: German Special and Elite

2020-03-09 by FunPolice

In this second addition of this series we take a dive into the second half of Germany and cover the higher rarities. There is no doubt some very big, splashy cards including Panthers and Tigers among others!

Cards You Should Be Playing 1: German Standard and Limited

2020-03-02 by FunPolice

The first in a series of articles covering outstanding cards for each nation across every rarity. For this first article we'll be covering ten cards of Germany for the two lowest rarites. Although don't be mistaken by low rarities however, several of the cards in this list are some of the strongest ones in Germany!

How to Build Up Your Collection (and What to Craft)

2020-02-11 by Scientiavore

In this section of the guide I will be discussing how to best grow your collection and what to craft to quickly become competitive on the ladder.  

Kards Ultimate Guide (Introduction)

2020-02-10 by Scientiavore

I'm working on a guide for Kards!

Card Creation Competition Winners!

2020-01-07 by (Arm)_Paladin

Here's the winners for our first Card Creation Competition! 

Card Creation Competition!

2019-12-13 by (Arm)_Paladin

We're holding a Card Creation Competition, see how you can enter and win packs and gold!


2019-12-08 by Isenberg

Today, we're going to do a short interview of youtube content creator ...

An interview with Cybernetic.

2019-12-08 by AlveraMistressofLight

An interview with cybernetic about today's events and an interesting look on the competitive world of Kards!

New Cards and Mechanics Revealed on Dec 5th and 6th

2019-12-07 by FunPolice

A lot of very powerful cards have been revealed in the past 2 days alongside several of the mechanics for France and Italy.

New Cards Revealed on Dec 4th

2019-12-05 by FunPolice

Today we recieved a new cycle of limited cards all related to adding a specific card to your hand alongside a new powerful looking elite!

New British Elite Card Revealed - Royal Ulster Rifles

2019-12-02 by Isenberg

Today we got to see an insanely strong new card by Baby : Royal Ulster Rifles. Needless to say that this card will be a CW killer, and really good versus aggro decks with strong 7HP. A must craft for all the British control decks players.

Exclusive Card Reveal : Char B1 Bis

2019-12-02 by Isenberg

Today, an exclusive card reveal on ! Char B1 bis : a 4/4 tank unit, Special rarity, Heavy Armor 2 with a new keyword : Mobilize. As you probably already noticed, this card belongs to a new support nation : France ! Vive la France !

New Card Reveal from Vimesey

2019-12-01 by AlveraMistressofLight

Be sure to check out his twitch channel at

New USA Limited Card Revealed - 1st Marines

2019-11-30 by Isenberg

Matty just revealed a new Allegiance Limited card: 1st Marines . Check out Matty's channel for more Kards content :

Upcoming card reveal !

2019-11-28 by Isenberg

A new card will be revealed on this website in a few days. Will we finally know what are the 2 new support nations ? Is it going to be France as the hints previously suggested it ? Stay tuned for that exciting revelation  !